23mm x 48mm 7/8 Inch x 1-7/8 Inch Large Crystal Clear Glass Rectangles

23MM x 48MM 7/8 INCH x 1-7/8 INCH

Size: 7/8 Inch x 1-7/8 Inch
23mm x 48mm x 5mm (Large Rectangle)
Edge: High Profile - High Resolution

Used For Pendants and Magnets
Works Great with Medium Bails

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Crystal Clear Glass is an exclusive product from United Crafters. These glass shapes are made from hand cutting and then heat firing the glass under high temperatures. This process is an art form and not easily duplicated. This process delivers a smooth, high profile, rounded edge while maintaining image clarity through the sides of the glass as well as the front. Our Crystal Clear Glass is a favorite of many crafters and jewelry makers. The bottom of the glass has a very slight texture which helps the image adhere to the glass once the glaze or lacquer is applied. This slight texture disappears completely after the glaze or lacquer is applied leaving a clear view of your image.

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